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Trevor Lohrke, Fine Art Painter

Trevor Lohrke was born in 1968 in the city of Visalia, California. After few years spent in central California, his family moved to the southern part of the state in Orange County. As long as he can remember, Trevor has always been very passionate about art, particularly as it relates to landscapes and seascapes.

Trevor is often asked what inspires him to paint? To this question, he replies: "Only what the God of the Bible creates... I simply take His materials and arrange them on a canvas. He has created all things and I try simply to communicate with a visual art process, His beautiful creation. My hope is to point people all around the world to the one true living God of the Bible, so that they would know His loving grace." Trevor will often declare that "we can do nothing without God's loving power."

For over 27 years, Trevor and his wife have been living in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.  The majority of Trevor's painting hours are spent at his easel in his home studio.  Trevor also says that "it is essential to get outside to study the miracle and beauty of God's creation. It is only by being outdoors that one can fully experience God's magnificent landscapes, seascapes, colors and light.  Only He deserves all honor and praise."


Creator's Palette | Video Documentary of Trevor Lohrke

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