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Giclee ART Canvases

What is a Giclee Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

The giclee printing industry uses a very special high quality reproduction process that has the support of fine art experts around the world. Giclee canvases are collected and displayed by museums, such as the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museums. The reproduction process is extremely accurate. It is very difficult to distinguish between a giclee and the actual original artwork. Furthermore, giclee canvases that are hand-embellished (applied brushwork) and hand-signed by the artist, have a much stronger value than a giclee canvas, released without the artist's hand painted signature. One of the greatest qualities of a giclee canvas is its resistance to color fading, which extends its longevity. Many experts on this topic will testify that with simple care, your giclee painting can last up to 100 years or perhaps longer without color fading. These are some of the unique features that gives a giclee canvas to collectors, the confidence they are looking for. Collectors can hand-down their cherished giclee canvas, to the next generation with assurance of longevity.      

See below the example photos of the giclee gallery wrapped canvas backside & gallery wrapped edges with a strong hanger installed. Your gallery wrapped canvas is ready to display upon delivery without any framing necessary.


High Res. Hometown Blessings copy.jpg

The Gallery Wrapped Giclee
Art Canvas displays the artwork on all four edges.

Your limited edition Gallery Wrapped Giclee Canvas is hand-signed by Trevor Lohrke. Your canvas will also receive Trevor's hand-brushed embellished highlighted texture. Only a limited volume of canvases will be created. Once the canvas edition sells out, the edition will be closed to further buyers. You will also receive a hand-signed certificate of authenticity in your name. A very special gift, created to last many decades without fading.

High Res_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Canvas edges in view.jpg

The Gallery Wrapped Canvas Edges are 1.25 inches Thick 

Back View of Your Canvas

The internal framework is constructed, wrapped and
secured with screws. Your canvas is made with some of the highest quality materials and assembled here in the U.S.A.    

Back View of your Canvas

The hangers come installed and your new canvas is ready for display.

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